Avoiding Problems While Dining Out

One of the most frequent danger zones for dieters is eating out. In many cases, dieters find it either be a convenient excuse to lay off their diet ‘just this once’ or a detriment to enjoying time with family and friends. Individuals who find themselves in the position of eating out frequently for business purposes could be in a real quandary as to how to handle the situation without completely giving up their diet.

The good news is that there are many options available which will allow dieters to remain on their diets, meet their weight loss goals and not give up important business lunches or time with people important to them.

The most important considerations when dining out while on a diet are planning and preparation. In most cases, dieters who blow their diets while eating out failed to plan ahead and prepare.

Planning ahead can include considering only restaurants that serve diet friendly food. While this was once almost impossible, today many leading restaurants are tuning in and offering healthy, appetizing diet friendly options. Some restaurants are even offering selections that work well with the most popular diets, including Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers.

Consider ordering from the appetizer menu only. With a small appetizer and perhaps a side salad you’ll be able to stick to your diet resolutions while not feeling left out of the fun of dining out.

Whenever possible stay away from all you can eat buffets, endless pasta restaurants and the like. These can be seriously dangerous danger zones to dieters. Opt for restaurants that offer entrees only.

Don’t worry about cleaning your plate. That philosophy may have been drilled into us by our grandparents and parents, but today’s rules are different. No one is going to admonish you in the restaurant if you only eat half of your entrée. You’ll feel better for physically and mentally. If you can’t bring yourself to waste that much food, consider asking for a take home bag.

Ask whether the restaurant will allow you to order only a half order. Many restaurants allow this policy, especially during lunch hours when appetites are usually lighter anyway. Not only will you save some room on your waistline but in your pocket as well, since these entrees are usually at least $1 cheaper.

Consider whether there are any modifications you can make to existing menu items that would help you to stay on your diet. Leave off the gravy, cream sauces, etc. It’s usually not a problem and you can rest easy in knowing you didn’t blow your diet.

Finally, try eating a small healthy meal or snack beforehand so you won’t be so tempted to overeat diet dangerous foods at the restaurant