Vegetarian Healthy Diet Plan For A Week

Following vegetarian healthy diet is not much of a hassle as the name suggests. You will just have to stick to eating more and more of green, colorful and leafy vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, tomatoes etc. .

Following this diet for long will help you fight disease and ailments better. For working woman chalking out an easy diet plan for the week and sticking just to the veggies. It is very easy and efficient and is very effective on your health. If you just keep on sticking to veggies, you will soon see your family glow with health.

For Breakfast

For breakfast on Monday, try out a healthy fruit shake along with some brown bread with margarine. Go for oatmeal with fruits and milk on Tuesday. Try out some vegetable soup with some small buns on Wednesday and you can then begin your day with some Apple and avocado salad on Thursday. Keep the Friday reserve, for a bowl of fruit salad with yoghurt.

On the weekend, try something different and tasty. Try out light-fried vegetable dumplings with some soup and some Mediterranean salad respectively.

For Lunch
Try out tofu for lunch on Monday along with vegetables fried lightly. A mixed vegetable with sprouted legumes will work wonders on Tuesday. You can even try to fry them in a shallow way to add on to the taste factor. However try something different as a sandwich on Wednesday, keep it open if you want. Use some fresh mint sauce to better the taste.

On Thursday’s and Fridays, just cook up noodle salad with vegetables and fruits like grapes and pineapple or simply cook it up. Saturday goes for a pizza with non-fat cheese and Sunday indulge into a vegetable sizzler.

For Dinner

Dinners being the last meal of the day make it a bit more interesting and heavy. Open up the week with some lentils soup and fresh fruit custard. Try to cook some vegetable salad with onion and peas and spinach on Tuesday. Cook some hot rice and put in some spicy corn and tofu on top of it to make an excellent meal on Wednesday. Let vegetable pasta rule on Thursday while stew it up with the vegetables on Friday. Munch some bread sticks with garlic spread along with creamy tomato soup on Saturday. Let grilled vegetables make it better for the family on Sunday.

Sometimes you might feel that it is rather mundane to try out vegetarian meals four courses. However, just try utilizing your options as best as possible and thereby make it better and tasty all the time with the numerous vegetables in store.

Choose the seasonal ones to make it better and try sticking to more of some juicy fruits as much as possible along wit the veggies. It is all about innovation and imagination when it comes to vegetarian healthy diet.