Medifast Enhanced 4-Week Package for Women

The general plan of Medifast is you can choose 5 options of their foods through the day plus one meal with lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. The 4-Week Enhanced Package includes all the weight loss products of Medifast 5 & 1 plan, but it has added some extra heart health benefit of omega 3 supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids can decrease risk from cardiovascular disease and decrease inflammation in the body. This is an important supplement for women as heart disease is the number one killer for women in the United States.

What do you get with Medifast’s enhanced 4 week package?
With this 4 week plan you get your essential omega 3 fatty acid supplements, a wide array of flavor choices in shakes and bars, a variety of oat meals and soups, protein rich eggs, many treats like brownies and chocolate chip pancakes and hot drinks such as chocolate mint and cappuccinos. The majority of food is shakes, bars, oatmeal and soups. Substitution for certain items may be possible dependent on availability.

Does Medifast meet women’s nutritional requirements?

For the Enhanced 4-Week Package, you can choose any of the various foods as one of the 5 small meals and interchange your options.

All of the meal options are fortified with most vitamins and minerals. Eating 5 of these foods per day will provide about 100% of the recommended daily allowance for almost all vitamins and minerals since the food options offer at least 20% of most vitamins and minerals from one serving.
The foods also have added fiber in them to ensure along with the meal with lean protein and vegetables you get the daily recommended amount of fiber.
The added omega 3 supplement is beneficial for women for cardiovascular health.

Does Medifast meet women’s weight loss requirements?

Medifast foods are around 100 calories per serving, so eating 5 of these foods per day provides 500 calories plus the extra calories from the meal with protein and vegetables. This meal plan allows somewhere between 1,200-1,400 calories, depending on how big the +1 meal is of lean protein and vegetables. This is a low calorie intake, and may be too low for certain individuals. This may not be enough to support exercise that is more strenuous than moderate intensity. Medifast says to expect to lose 2 to 5 pounds per week with their program.

Check with a health professional to see what calorie range would be best for you based on your age, activity level or any medical concerns. As with any diet, the question to ask is “Does this promote sustaining weight loss, and are long term behavior changes happening?” Eating 5 small meals throughout the day is a positive routine for weight loss and blood sugar stability.

Medifast Enhanced 4 Week plan vs. Gluten Free plan

The gluten free option of the 4 week plan eliminates the bars, oatmeal and varies some of the flavor options for the other food options. It also increases the amount of soups offered and adds some pudding and drinks. For both meal plans, substitutions may be allowed depending on availability.

The nutritional content should be about the same as the Enhanced 4-Week Meal Plan because the fiber amount and fortified vitamins and minerals are almost identical in between products. A major nutritional difference is the gluten free option does not have the omega 3 supplements.


As a result of the boom in the fitness industry and the desire for most Americans to lose weight, several companies have sprung up claiming to have a bunch of weight loss supplements that can help. One of such businesses is the 4Life company, a firm that has continued to focus on the production of herbal weight loss supplements for the weight loss market.
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Features of 4Life Products:

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  • 4Life’s website can be easily navigated and all the listed products can be bought directly from that site.
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  • The absence of testimonials or product reviews on the official website of this company is a big MINUS.
  • There are no clinical researches provided to support the claims of a product like MetaboLite.
  • Certain people might have some form of allergic reactions to some of the ingredients listed in most products of the company.
  • For an herbal weight loss supplement like MetaboLite, there’s no mention of a healthy exercise plan or regime in combination with its use.
  • There’s no form of discount or special sales offers listed on the websites of 4Life diet pills.


In conclusion, this firm seems to be a major manufacturer of several herbal health supplements. They happen to sell different varieties of product that really seems to focus on certain health problems. And their MetaboLite capsules appear to be a very effective weight loss supplement with regards to some of the claims one will find on the site.

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