How BistroMD and Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels Helped a Couple Lose Weight

Do you have a lot of weight to lose? Have you been feeling a sense of powerlessness over the role food plays in your life? If this sounds familiar, take comfort in knowing that there are options to help you drop the pounds and change your life. So if you’re ready, and I mean truly ready, then read on.

I am going to share a success story that should help you feel as though you can accomplish anything, if you want it badly enough.

How addiction to fast food caused a huge problem

Corey was so addicted to fast food that it dominated his menu twenty-one times per week! As one would imagine, his energy levels were low, his health was suffering and he was caught in a vicious cycle.

Finally fed up with feeling sick and tired every day he decided to reach out for help. When he and his wife, Gena visited the show The Doctors’ Wake Up Call with Jillian Michaels, it was revealed that she desperately needed help with her weight as well even though she had initially gone to support her husband’s journey.

How Jillian Michaels helped by challenging their beliefs

The tools provided to Corey and Gena consisted of six months of in-home personal training along with a year supply of food and nutritional counseling compliments of Bistro MD.

While on their journey, Michaels guided them and challenged their beliefs about themselves. As she pushed them through their work-outs past the point in which they would have given up on themselves, their beliefs in what they were able to accomplish increased steadily. Once given the opportunity to do this using their own determination they became unstoppable.

How BistroMD helped with providing nutritional food

Understanding that nutrition plays such a pivotal role in weight loss and healthy living, Bistro MD supplied Corey and Gena with meals that helped them put useful foods into their daily lives.

Each equipped with three prepared meals per day, they were able to get the right combination of food groups delivered to their door which helped eliminate any confusion of what or how to eat.

Experiencing the perks that go along with being slimmer…
Corey is now down 40 pounds and two shirt sizes while Gena has gotten rid of 25 pounds and her blood sugar medication. While they have lost the weight and are experiencing the perks that go along with being slimmer…what they have both gained is invaluable. They each developed traits within themselves that enable them to live and manage their lives coming from a place of personal responsibility and empowerment.

What is the most important tool in losing weight and staying healthy?

Just take a look at how these people have changed over the course of one month and ask yourself if a 30-day commitment to your health and well-being is worth it. It isn’t about whether or not you have a trainer or prepared foods at your disposal. The only thing you need is desire.

Once you make the decision that this is what you want for yourself the tools necessary to accomplish this will appear…I promise.

Chances are that once you get honest and find out where your own personal motivation lays you will open the door to an exhilarating reality you never knew existed!