HCG Diet For Rapid Weight Loss

As people are constantly searching for new ways to shed their extra weight and beat obesity, the HCG diet is no longer new in the health and fitness world. With the diseases associated with obesity being broadcast in news shows and television talk shows, more and more people have become conscious of their body and are actively seeking ways to get rid of all those fats and all the chubbiness to become healthy. HCG is among the many diets that people can turn to when they want to live a healthier life. Let’s take a look at what is the HCG diet and why you should try it.

How Does HCG Diet Work?

For people who want to try this diet and are wondering how it works, the steps are easy. First, you need to get in touch with an HCG diet professional. This can be a doctor or a pharmacist. HCG diet consists of controlled eating and HCG shots or drops. You need a person trained in the medical field for the shots. Moreover, the doctor will also evaluate your health if you are ready for this kind of diet. Not all people qualify for the HCG diet, so you should never attempt to do it on your own without consulting your doctor. There are many doctors that recommend HCG diets to their patients so looking for one should not be a problem at all.

Once you find a doctor, you should meet with him to discuss the exact protocol of this kind of diet. HCG diets, while they are the same in nature, vary from another depending on your weight, health and goals.

Once you discuss everything with your doctor, you simply have to follow the instructions to make the HCG diet effective. Generally, the first two days of your diet, you can enjoy whatever kind of foods you want to eat. On the third day, you will be limited to 500 calories or depending on your program. The cycle keeps repeating itself over and over.

What’s good too about HCG diet is that you can consume as much coffee and tea as you please, only that you are not supposed to mix in sugar with it. Aside from this, there is a required two-liter per day water intake. Having fluid intake that is as much as that, means aiding the entire body to function well as it is properly hydrated.

Who Should Go On This Diet

If you are more than a few pounds overweight, you have health issues due to your weight and you need to drop some pounds quickly, HCG diet is definitely something to consider. Since it is a very low calorie diet, you can lose up to 4-5 pounds per week with it.

It is also one of these diets that are not too difficult to follow, all thanks to the HCG shots or drops – you simply won’t be hungry and can easily manage work and stay active with only 500 calories per day. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Introduction to the HCG Drops

If you battling with being overweight you probably have your ear out for any possible solution. Well, HCG drops is among the most popular solutions for weight loss. The drops are supplements that contain the HCG hormone. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is usually active in expectant women and it is responsible for providing nutrients and energy to the mother and fetus by facilitating the breaking down of stored fat in the woman’s body. What HCG simply does is to communicate to the hypothalamus to release chemicals that lead to the release of stored fats into the blood which are then broken down to produce energy. In this process nutrients stored in the fats find their way into the bloodstream ensuring the mother and growing fetus are well nourished.

How HCG drops work?

Even when you are not pregnant, the effects of HCG remain the same. Taking the supplement drops encourages your body to burn down the stored fat which is what adds up to the excess weight. To make the drops more effective you are also required to stick to a low calorie diet which usually is made up of just 500 calories. Doing this allows your body to use up the stored energy in form of fats and stops the buildup of the fat deposits at the same time.

How do you take the HCG drops?

Timing is very important when using HCG drops. Normally, you are required to take the drops 3 times every day, 20 minutes prior to your meals. In case you forget to take the drops before eating, you could still take it 20 minutes afterwards. Another important thing you should know is where exactly in your mouth to place the drops. You should put the HCG drops under the tongue and hold it for around 30 seconds before swallowing. In the first 30 seconds, the drops are taken sublingually and then later, orally. Also note that you are not supposed to use any water to swallow the drops.

Always follow the prescription you have been given and take the exact number of drops you have been advised to. Also know when you are supposed to quit taking the drops. The HCG drops program is supposed to run for just 21 days. Nonetheless, if you still feel that you are yet to reach your weight goal, you could take the drops for a few extra days.

Benefits of HCG drops

While many people use HCG mainly for weight loss, the supplement has been found to contain tons of other benefits. Using HCG for weight loss not only leaves you looking good but also improves your base metabolism. The drops also help you get rid of any old unhealthy habits you might have. With the weight loss comes heightened self esteem and confidence. Your general health is improved as risk of diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes is lessened.
Note that there are numerous brands of HCG drops in the market. Be wary of deceitful merchants and always ensure you check the information on each pack to ensure that it is safe and also to avoid losing your money.